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Wave Gotik treffen 2013 [May. 23rd, 2013|07:55 am]
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I've been lazy with updating (or indeed using) Livejournal for a few weeks. I'll do my best to rectify this soon, as I have much to say, but for now here's a quick updatye on WGT, from which we've recently returned.

Prior to arriving in Leipzig we managed to quickly swing by my old neighbourhood in Berlin for a couple of drinks, which was lovely - it's now ten years since I lived there.

Bands I saw (just before I forget):
Pokemon Reaktor - my first discovery of the festival! Great way to begin :)
Tyske Ludder - brilliant
Decoded Feedback
Bruderschaft - Daniel Meyer had a throat infection and could hardly sing, but a brave effort by those concerned
In Strict Confidence - amazing! First time I've managed to see them in ten years too.

Aslan Faction - great!
Velvet Acid Christ - nice to finally see him play... a bit weirded out by his (intentionally?) shabby-looking stage persona
Leæther Strip
IAMX - amazing!

Daniel Malheur - "monocle pop" - a sort of tweedy-looking operatic/Noel Cowerd-style singer, actually very good
Theatres des Vampires - great, despite the innapropriately sunny setting
Devilish Impressions - Polish black metal, I'd not heard of them before but they were fun
Eycromon - brilliant, a much more guitar-driven line up than I'd expected though
Shiv-R - fantastic!
Welle Erdball - well, I saw them from aboout 6,000 people back. The view and accoustics were terrible from the back of the auditorium, but it was the best I could manage due to travel difficulties. I gave up after three songs as I couldn't enjoy it properly from such a distance.

Orange Sector
Patenbrigade Wolff - brilliantly bonkers!
KMFDM - great stuff but we were on a tight schedule and decided to leave beofre the end
Wipeout - a nice random discovery to finish off the festival for me!

I didn't manage to upload all my photos (having a connection problem right now) but here's a few:

At the corner of my old street

Outside Sixtina

In Augustusplatz

Suicide Commando

Err... Suicide Commando again

Velvet Acid Christ

We had several trips to the Moritzbastei and Sixtina and I bought a bargain pair of new trousers from the Agra market for ten Euros as well as a few new CDs to listen to. The weekend seemed to rush by so fast though... Here's the video:

Oh yes, and I finally got the new Depeche Mode album. I rather like it.