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From Russia with 'meh' [Jul. 16th, 2013|01:38 pm]
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Lots of Non-Bio news all of a sudden today:

The first review of The Game EP is now online at goths.ru. However I'm a bit disappointed the two reviewers only gave it 4 and 4.5 stars out of ten. I ran the article through Google translation tool, but much of it came out as gibberish so I'm not entirely sure what they disliked about my music. Oh well. I know there are definitely some Russians who enjoy my music and I'm still waiting to see how it fares with English speaking reviewers; I'll keep my fingers crossed they like it better.

I got some much better news a couple of hours later: a track I recently made called "Placenta of the Universe" is being included on a compilation album, released by Brownian (e)Motion. This track's a foray back into the rhythmic noise genre; a style which I embraced in my early days of making music but have mostly neglected since 2010. It was quite nice to work in that style again! I haven't yet had a chance to download the compilation but it's here on Bandcamp - hopefully I will be able to listen to most of it tonight when I get home.

And finally: a new toy!