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Lunch Thoughts #60 [Aug. 15th, 2013|12:57 pm]
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Since Amphi, life has slowed down to a pace almost approaching manageable. I was going to post a summary including lots of links and photos, but I ideally need to be sat in front of my home computer to organise things like that; I've spent plenty of time recently sat in front of my home computer but it's all been spent doing college work and little else.

On the 1st August X-KiN launched their new music video, which I appear in as an extra.

We were each asked to portray a different character for the filming and I got given "crazed," which resulted in the odd expression I'm wearing for most of my scenes! I suppose it got milked for a fair bit of comedy value but I'm happy with what's been done here and maybe it's introduced a few more people to the remix I did of the song!

On Saturday the 10th I went to Slimelight (only the second time I've done so this year - I'm getting old) to see some live bands. I was mainly interested in seeing Petrol Bastard live, as I'd heard of them through friends and wanted to check out their live act. I was also quite impressed with Be My Enemy though, who I'd not really been aware of - hearing Oxyacetylene performed live isn't to be sniffed at!

We've also been to a couple of barbecues and picnics in the last fortnight, which tend to make a nice child-friendly compromise with seeing friends socially; it's a real pity that winter doens't usually bring so many opportunities to mingle as a family.

After an eight month hiatus from live DJing I have another gig coming up; this will be the one-off Byte Back event taking place in the vault's bar at Dirty Dick's bar on Friday 6th September. There's a Facebook event page and what-have-you but I can't link to them from here. Anyway I'm looking forward immensely to doing this and might even be able to have a crack at VJing too if all goes to plan!

I'm officially on a four week studying break as of yesterday - however in practice I'm not on a break just yet, as I have almost a week's lectures and one assignment still to catch up on before I'm in the clear. I'm trying to rush those through at the moment so that I can actually enjoy some time off!