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The Howard Chronicles


This is the story of Captain Howard. Long-haired dude, office worker, London dweller, drinker of too much caffeine, listener to (and maker of) of strange music, struggling artist/animator, atheist, writer of books you've probably never heard of and vegetarian.

As many entries as possible in my journal are public, although some have to be friends-only for practical reasons; if you add me as a friend I will most likely add you back, as long as we have something in common and you’re not clearly a psychopath.

Most of my creative efforts are centred on this website:

However, stalkers may also find the following items of interest:

My Youtube channel
Down With Freedom

MY Last FM stats

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My musical outpourings on Myspace
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Obligatory link to my (now infrequently used) personal Myspace page
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